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The Roll
The Roll
Digital print, wood & felt

Before I took the Oath of Allegiance and became an American citizen, I was living in the US as a French Canadian expatriate. Every year I would travel back to Canada to reassure myself that my core identity was still intact. Afraid of losing it, I would hold on tightly to what it meant to be a French-speaking Canadian. But now, I have now lived as many years in the US as I have in Canada. I’ve come to a midpoint in my life. The status of dual citizen applies very well ; I am now attached equally to two countries.

The Roll is divided into two equal parts. Each roll is 10” wide and 5” in diameter. When installed the first roll is hung at about 8' on a wooden shelf and the other roll drapes down resting on the floor. As the years go by the installation will change. The top roll will become smaller as it unrolls downwards making the bottom one bigger.

The Roll allows me to meditate on the consequences and ramifications of being emotionally attached to two cultures, two countries, and two homes.